Advantages of Electric Fireplaces

Advantages of Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplace inserts come in different sizes and many choose to go for electric for the obvious reason. But if you’re still undecided and feel the need to learn more about electric fireplaces to do the switch, then read on:

  1. Electric fireplaces cost of operation is a lot less than traditional ones. Wood and gas hearths costs multiple dollars an hour to operate while electric fireplaces average at around 8-10 cents per hour only. Significant savings indeed!

  1. Another advantage of the electric fireplace over traditional chimneys is the lack of real flame. Yes, the smell of a real fire is nostalgic, but open flames still present real danger. With the fan forced heat of electric fireplace inserts, you can enjoy ample heating without having to worry about these dangers.

  1. Electric fireplaces are pretty convenient to use. Simply press a remote button and you can effortlessly turn on the fireplace from across the room. Chopping wood or attaching gas lines are no longer issues when you opt for an electric fireplace inserts. Just plug them in any standard 120 volt wall outlet and enjoy.

  1. Most electric fireplaces come with adjustable features that include flame brightness and heat output so you can customize how it looks. Just flip a switch or turn the knob to gain control over the comfort and ambiance of a room.

If this doesn’t convince you to go electric - then how about checking out the kinds of designs you can place inside your home. We have an amazing selection that would perfectly fit your homes look for all seasons!

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