How to Add a Vintage Look to Your Modern Home

Modern home designs are in style right now but having something classic or vintage in your place makes it timeless - especially if you love vintage. Check out these amazing vintage ideas that you can implement in your modern home without looking worn out or ugly.


Choose the right antiques

Placing antiques is one of the best ways to get your home ready for classic designs. However, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind while choosing pieces. Make sure that they are durable and most importantly it will go with the design of your home.

You should also check out the weight of the antiques and make sure that the joints are not shaky. This will ensure that they are good in quality and can be easily moved without having to worry about it getting damaged.
Most people only choose small items to decorate their home. But big pieces like a classic fireplace mantel could really set off the mood for your home. If you need advice on what to get, give us a call.

Walls and Pattern

You can choose vintage patterns like Houndstooth and Herringbone. Either way, you can easily find the one that you like the most or you can copy a pattern and then add your own touch to make it unique.

The most important thing that you need to consider while choosing a pattern or applying it is the colors. When you are going with the classic design, you should make sure that you go with similar colors that make your apartment look classic. Don't choose dark colors here. Instead, go with the light colors that go along with your homes furniture.

There are many options here, but make sure they don’t clash with what’s already in your home.

Furniture is the key

Furniture is the first thing that someone notices when they enter your house. It doesn't necessarily mean that you should get all the furniture replaced by classic ones but having one or two main furniture in the classic style will surely give the best vintage feeling.

Vintage looking cabinets can also give your home a great look. Add some of the antiques on top of it and get creative with the combinations and you’re good to go!

If any of these doesn't fit or you don't have enough budget to do all of these, you can just purchase a few classic decor and place it in your existing cabinet.

Little details do matter

Keep an eye out on the little details of your house. In other words, there are many small things that you can change which will make a huge impact without having to spend a ton.

How about changing the light switchboard and get them replaced with classic ones. You can also change the dining table cover with a more classic pattern. The curtains can also be replaced with Antique Lace if you think it suits the look. Try to see which pieces you can replace to match your now modern vintage looking abode.

There are many alternatives available out there to get your modern home looking classic and vintage. But you have to make sure that the pieces you create matches with what you already have if you don’t want to spend too much. If you’re still looking for some ideas, you can simply go to classic accents stores or browse through Pinterest.

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